Profit Driven Tech organizations

Technical work needs to be scoped on a business or corporation. This corporations are managed by business. This business decisions breaks the Technical value, Technical why.

Sample is medicine. Doctors as tech are scoped on hospitals. If a hospital is driven as a business the result is short term profit, and long term bankrupt. This is obvious on medicine because the WHY of the technical work is obvious, save lives.

We need to find the WHY of technical work to use it as weapon against managers that drive the business within the tech work is scoped.

Security gard. What this person feels each time he goes to work is not the same if he is looking after a bank, a museum, weapons warehouse, tabaco warehouse, kids hospital, cap of refugies, the CERN, the government building of a politician he agrees upon or not.

Escrito el 17 / Apr / 2020

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